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by Davor Dvanajscak

Elevate the game

BTS acts as the “bridge” that connects the “A-type of athletes at their original state”, and “Z-what that athlete wants to or trying to become.”

Individual Approach

BTS work is based on individual work or work in small groups. That way we can make a correction instantly, on the spot. Proper movements with the young athleates is foundation for the future and it shows long term results.


Every player is unique, so we at BTS take pride in addressing every player as an individual project. Athletes are “walking data” the way they feel is the way they communicate and express themselves on and off the pitch.


Our mentoring work at BTS is based on strategic communication with athletes. Their optimal wellbeing is the most important. Learning how to be happy and healthy, athleates have to know to be confidente, passinate, and to know how to deal with their emotions.

BTS Boston Training System believes in the system we set in place for each individual athlete. That is why we have quote “trust the system.”

About Boston Training System

Our story began in Boston, twenty+ years ago, when we started our initial nonprofit organization called “DDtraingcamps”. We used the name Boston, to honor one of the best sports towns in the world with a ton of championships in a variety of sports, Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, Revs.

Our enthusiasm, hard work, and investment in each player and their training session have been recognized quite soon above the borders of Boston. What we consider the key to success is a special approach to coaching that focuses on player motivation and individual support. That strengthening of moral values had established and developed those players to become professionals. The motor functions that are most important for any player, in any sports, shows further development in their sports and life careers.

We encourage, establish, and maintain loyal, long-term lasting relationships with athletes, clubs, colleagues, and coworkers with different backgrounds and cultures directly or indirectly connected with specific players. Our focus is on functional movements, developing techniques for speed and quickness, proper braking, turning, and reducing the potential for injury during activity. Successfully promoting self-confidence, power of positive energy, repetition, and long-term success. BTS creativity always gravitates toward the success of the athlete, love for the game, focus, improvements, learning new techniques, and helping young athletes to move better. Improving posture, breathing, and active corrections during workouts. Assuming our experience in football is so diverse, as well as our love for the game will just show you what kind of asset coach you will have by your side.


how it works


Initial Meeting

The first step is individual athlete/parents meeting where we want to get to know you better, ask questions, exchange ideas and impressions, present our system. Our philosophy at BTS is always leaning towards individual player success and their needs, as well as client’s expectations on and of the pitch.


analytical training

After our first conversation we will do our first joint training and assessments that last two hours. Training takes place on the field and it is an important factor that will determine whether BTS is the right choice for. We are bridge to give your dreams a real chance to become the reality.


FMS testing

At this training, we test athlete’s functionality with FMS initial analysis, and also deficits we can work on in the future. If you decide to work with BTS we will do individual work (one on one) where the movement function is tested. Based on the results of the test, the player’s condition is categorized in A, B or C, which allows us to determine the appropriate tailor-made training routine for the player.

Full service list

placing players


Unique European experience for American and Caribbean players. We help multiple foreign players to start a career in semi-pro European clubs in the south-east region.


Work on the field


Individual work on the field is a repetition to improve technique, precision, agility, power, speed and explosiveness.

Strength and Conditioning


Strenght and condition trainings directed towards proper movments, mobility, power and strenght development.



Communication is the key. We should be moving together in healthy directions, constructive critic in order to open as many doors and to use all the available tools to reach full potencial to develop the athletes. We like engaged individuals..



BTS is willing to asses a player/team or a groupe and make appropriate assessment in order to make presentation to reach full potencial and for that team to engage fully with they players.



We recommend football supplements to our athletes in order to help recover properly. 



We are available for recommendations for doctors (images, x-ray’s, ultrasound, MRI) and participate in recovery after an injury in cooperation with OPTIMOVE center. 

Injury prevention


At BTS we are big on Injury prevention especialy of season. Reducing the risk of injuries will allow players to play and to develop. Every injury even a small one, is a set back.

Featured In

We believe strongly that a great coach is the foundation of a successful athlete, not only in the segment of physical training and preparation but also psychological state of mind.

Let’s connect

Davor Dvanajscak

Let’s connect

Davor Dvanajscak

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